Student with low vision excels in Grade 12 exams

Student with low vision excels in Grade 12 exams Muaz Shabandri / 7 June 2013 Sitting close to the exam room window and reading his question paper with an electronic magnifier, Sajjad Kalam, comes across as any ordinary student taking his exams. A closer look at his paper and one gets to know the difficulty with which he has to read and answer the questions written on a sheet because of limited vision. “I have difficulties in reading and that’s why I have to put more efforts in reading and writing with clarity,” says Sajjad. Sajjad has a medical condition, which limits his vision by as much as 80 per cent. Having to wear thick glasses and still use an electronic magnifier, the student was given special provisions taking into account the extra time taken by him to read. Defying all odds, Sajjad, who is a student of The Millennium School, Dubai, scored 83 per cent in his Grade 12  exams and his results put a smile on the faces of friends and teachers who helped him through his studies. “I was very happy to hear his results and it reflects the hard-work of the student, his parents and the teachers who have taught him,” said Senior School Supervisor (Boys) Syed Ali. Simple tasks like finding a page in the textbook called for help from classmates, as the numbers were too small for his eyesight. Teachers at the school have also played a big part in helping Sajjad understand the curriculum. “From Grade 5 to 9, we used to give him a question paper on a larger sheet so that he could read easily,” said one of his teachers. Sajjad has always been popular among his friends because of his humble and loving nature. Ratan Koshy and Parmeet Singh, two of his close friends have made every effort to be by his side whenever there have been any difficulties. The two students have even been recognised by the school with special awards. While finishing the exams is the first step in stepping into the right career path, Sajjad has no qualms about taking up higher education. He plans to take up an undergraduate course in business administration and move ahead in life. Taylor Scott International

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