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School bells chime again Muaz Shabandri / 2 September 2013 The school bells were ringing once again on Sunday morning as students returned to their classrooms after the two-month summer break.   A little girl waits for her bus in Sharjah on the first day of school after summer vacations. — KT photo by M. Sajjad Eight-year old Mehek was among the thousands of students returning to school early on Sunday morning. She was happily waiting to meet her friends and share stories with the class teacher. “I am very excited to go back to school after the long holiday,” said the second grader. Schools across the country reopen this week as a new academic year gets underway for some school. In Dubai, a total of 159 schools open doors for more than 225,000 students. Razan Nueiran, an English teacher at a private school in Dubai, said this time of the year tends to become the best period for learning and sharing experiences.  Last minute check before their bus arrives at the Gardens, Jebel Ali, Dubai, on Sunday. — KT photo by Leslie Pableo She says: “After the summer vacation, children come back to school with a lot of stories to tell and so much to share. It’s wonderful to listen to them and see the wonder and joy as they recount their experiences. So many of them travel, and their infectious excitement as they tell their stories quickly takes over the whole class. I always remind myself of how important it is to listen to them, and learn from their experiences. For me, as a teacher, a new school year means a new opportunity to positively touch my students’ hearts and minds, and hopefully their lives.” For her, the back to school season is a time to bond with students and help them build their knowledge by helping them learn from own experiences. STUDENTS START THE TERM WITH A PRAYER … At Pakistan Education Academy, Dubai.— KT photo by Grace Guino “A new school year is always exciting for us teachers. It’s a chance to build on previous experiences and carry them forward. Each child is unique and each child I have taught has opened my eyes to new experiences and new expectations. So often, we become the learners and they the teachers,” she added. Reem Sabobeh, a student at the Al Mawakeb School in Al Garhoud. expressed happiness at being able to go back to school. “I had a nice long break, and I’m ready to go back and finish on a high note. This year is my final year at school and I hope I will have the chance to grow into an even more mature and dependable student, on my way to university. At Al Mawakeb, we learn to be responsible but we also learned that there is no limit to growth, and I plan to keep growing.” – Taylor Scott International

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