Children’s Fair: Catching them young

Catching them young Staff Reporter / 12 May 2013 The UAE Children’s fair held over two days at the Raffles hotel proved to be a thumping success with young parents — aged 25 upwards — lining up at the entrance at 10am sharp on Friday and Saturday morning, to ensure that their children got a sound footing in the education system. The organiser spokesperson said they hadn’t anticipated such a response. There were 35 exhibitors at the fair — nurseries and day care centres — publicising their services to the parents of toddlers. While 28 stalls were nursery exhibitors, the rest showcased child development courses. One of the exhibitors was Arabic bookstore, Buzoor. Never before in the UAE has there been a platform for nurseries to come together and exchange views and share ideas on child development and syllabi. Parents were educated on concepts such as Montessori not being so much as a place but a way of learning – ditto EYFS (Early Years Foundation Service). The event was meant to bring together parents and nursery schools to exchange information and educate parents on the importance of Early Childhood Education, Care and Development on the following topics: The various curriculums adopted by Nurseries and the difference between – Montessori, EYFS and other self-develop curriculums. The level at which they should expect their individual child’s growth. Understanding their involvement at home where the child’s development extends after nursery hours. The pattern of teaching at a particular nursery. Is it right for their child and his/her growth and development? Understanding how a nursery adapts to children as unique individuals and help each child develop at his/her natural biological pace by encouraging and enhancing his/her environment to be comfortable. Introduction to healthy parenting and learning involved to accelerate and cater to the demands of developmental factors in early childhood. — Taylor Scott International

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