Fast-track project review

Fast-track project review Staff Report / 19 April 2013 The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, or UPC, has enforced its new Development Review Stream, or DRS, process that would improve and fast-track the existing review process for new development projects. The UPC’s previous DRS was based on three streams and included four steps — enquiry, pre-concept stage, concept planning review and detailed planning. The new policy streamlines the process by reducing the number of review streams from three to two (master plan and projects) and the number of review stages from four to two (concept and detailed). This enables developers to fulfill submission requirements in a more concise way, having been tested during a number of soft testing sessions to prove its effectiveness. By applying both processes, the total time reduction will vary from about 31 to 63 per cent. “All new development projects are subject to rigourous review to ensure public and private land and infrastructure development proposals are in line with our leadership’s long-term development vision and fit within the approved framework plans, as well as adhering to other government regulations, policies and guidelines,” said Mohamed Al Khadar, executive director of Development Review and Estidama at the UPC. The new process was enforced on April 16.  With the DRS, any new development that requires UPC approval will now go through either the master plan or project review stream. A development will be subject to the master plan review stream if the development includes separate buildings, provides a road network and where the Abu Dhabi Community Facility Planning Standards, or ADCFPS, are applicable. Alternatively, a development will be subject to the project review stream if it includes a single building or multiple buildings with a connected podium, provides no road network and where the ADCFPS do not apply. This enables the application process to specifically target the types of development so as to ensure that the UPC’s development review team is able to value add to the project in the most effective manner. Each review stream will be subject to very clear submittal requirements.  Frontloading the submittal requirements ensure that the applicant is able to provide the correct documentation up front and ensures that development review staff do not need to request further information. Taylor Scott International

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