UK schools to take part in Dubai exhibition

Around 10,000 people move to Dubai from the UK every year, as the UAE provides excellent job opportunities for skilled and experienced expats.The Middle Eastern city's favourable tax system means that Britons can earn far more if they relocate and it goes without saying that there are far worse places to live than Dubai.With long, sandy beaches, gorgeous weather, wonderful amenities and a multitude of luxury apartments and villas on offer, it is very clear why UK citizens are moving to the Gulf in their droves.Of course, circumstances change and a lot of Britons move back to their homeland after a couple of years in the UAE.This can be quite tricky for people who have young families, as changing schools is difficult when you are just moving between different towns in the UK, so it is even more problematic for youngsters who have spent a number of years in a completely different part of the world.However, schools in the UK have forged closer ties with the UAE and this has eased the situation somewhat.To reiterate this point, a crop of the finest educational institutions in Britain will head out to the Middle East to take part in an important exhibition later this month.The 2013 Independent Schools Show will be held at Grosvenor House, Dubai Marina on April 27th and 28th and the organisers of the event believe it will be very useful for anyone who lives in the UK or UAE.”Being based abroad makes the highly pressured task of searching for the right school so much more stressful. Parents and prospective pupils will have the chance to compare and contrast the different ways schools work, what they offer and whether they feel right,” commented founder and director of the show David Wellesley Wesley.Property is also an important consideration for anyone planning to move to Dubai and now could be the perfect time to get your foot on to the real estate ladder, as prices are only going to go up and up in the coming years.

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