Survey suggests UK property owners carry out work to create their dream home

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British home owners renovate their property for living in for the long term with the majority not doing so to increase the price, new research suggests. Some 67% are planning to stay in their home for over five years and carry out work with the aim of creating their dream home, according to the research by Zopa with kitchens the top target for change. The survey, of over 1,200 people who had taken a Zopa home improvement loan, found that 27% either have had or plan to get their home revalued after renovations, and only 9% said they would need to move to be in their ideal home. So far in 2016, Zopa customers have borrowed over £50 million to improve their homes, a 54% increase on home improvement loans compared to the same period last year. Some 34% used their home improvement loan to revamp their kitchens and, of those who said their homes are not yet perfect, 19% cited a bigger kitchen as top of their wish list. After renovations two out of five people say they are now in their perfect home. Of those who still don’t think their property is perfect, 22% said they would need to move. The most commonly cited areas for improvement were better decoration at 31%, bigger kitchens at 19% and more bedrooms also at 19%. The research also found that the majority, 73%, used professionals to complete their home improvements, with 45% using skilled professionals for the entire job while 13% undertook all the renovations themselves and the same number sourced help from family and friends. Some 77% said they’d be happy to do painting, with 51% ready to take on wallpapering and 32% happy to complete tiling but people were least confident when it came to masonry work at just 6%, bricklaying at 7% and plastering at 10%. The survey also found that 4.2% were considering moving to unlock the increased property value with 98% agreeing that their renovations have added value to their home. Some 27% believed the increase to be worth between £11,416 and £19,027, adding between 6% and 10% to the price while 19.4% said it would be an increase of between £20,930 and £28,541, a 11% to 15% rise in value and 11.4% expected to see an increase in value of over 21%. Taylor Scott International

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