Reporting On The Ports

U.S. ports are responding to the massive build out of the industrial wood pellet industry in the Southeast U.S., investing in the infrastructure necessary for manufacturers to use their facilities for export operations. What’s refreshing to see here is that there doesn’t seem to be a chicken-or-egg scenario, which is very common in all bioenergy sectors (growing feedstock vs. building the cellulosic ethanol plant). Obviously, an assured and massive European demand for U.S. pellets is the driving force behind all of this, a certainty that producers and ports can bank on. I’m very curious to see what our results will say this spring, compared four or so years ago. You can be sure we’ll share that information with you. Stay tuned, and check out the pellet/port article in the Q3 issue of Pellet Mill Magazine to bring yourself up to speed on what’s going on in the export industry. Taylor Scott International

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