Prototype Pellet Plant Breaks Ground

Chip Energy has broken ground on a biomass recycling and pelletizing plant in Goodfield, Ill.  Once complete, the prototype plant will be capable of producing 100 tons per day of condensed biomass from a variety of feedstock sources, including wood waste, energy crops and agricultural residues. In addition to pellets, the facility will have the ability to produce briquettes and logs. The plant is expected to be operational during the third quarter of this year. The plant is being constructed from recycled shipping containers configured in a vertical fashion, which results in a footprint spanning only 70 feet by 104 feet, but reaches 70 high. Paul Wever, president of Chip Energy, said the design will increase the efficiency of the facility. Wever also operates a construction equipment company that prototypes and builds specialized tools for the off-highway equipment industry. He has leveraged that experience to develop the pellet plant, with the aim to supply the equipment and technology to a wide range of customers, particularly those in the power and cellulosic fuels industries. Taylor Scott International

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