Mortgage payments for UK first time buyers have fallen sharply

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First time buyers in the UK with small deposits are making savings of more than £790 a year, when comparing monthly mortgage payments to the same time last year, new research suggests. This is in part due to competitive interest rates now available as monthly mortgage costs for first time buyers have fallen sharply, according to the latest Genworth Moneyfacts LTV tracker report. The average house price for a first time buyer is £154,559 and for those with a 10% deposit, lower mortgage interest rates mean they can save £67 a month compared to what they would have paid if they’d taken out the same loan a year ago. This adds up to savings of £800 over the course of a year. For those with 5% deposits, the monthly payment on a 95% LTV mortgage for an average first time buyer home was £66 per month lower in March 2016 compared to 2015, equating to annual savings of £792. The report explains that part of the reason for the attractive rates is increased competition as the number of mortgage products at high LTVs has risen in recent months. The number of mortgages available for those with a 5% deposit jumped sharply from 195 in March 2015 to 267 in March 2016. As a result, rates for 95% LTV mortgages reached a record low of 3.92% in March 2016, 0.80 bps lower than a year before. Rates for 90% LTV loans are also much cheaper, having fallen 0.92 bps to 2.82%. However, the total amount of high LTV lending has stagnated even while overall lending has increased revealing that while lenders may be competing for the best customers in the high LTV bracket, they are more focused on increasing lending to customers with larger deposits. Despite a climate which is ripe for high LTV lending and a rising numbers of available mortgages, lending to those with a 5% deposit, which saw a notable boost following the introduction of the Help to Buy Mortgage Guarantee (HTB2) Scheme, has subsequently flat lined. Lending to those with 5% deposits received a much needed boost following the introduction of HTB2, with the proportion of lending at this level climbing from 1.7% in the fourth quarter of 2013 to 3.1% in the first quarter of 2014. It reached a high of 4.2% of total mortgage lending in the second quarter of 2014 but stagnated at around 3% in 2015. The stagnation in lending to those with small deposits is particularly concerning given that the Help to Buy Mortgage Guarantee scheme is due to end after this year. With nothing scheduled to replace the scheme, the fear is that lending to this part of the market could continue to fall. ‘Competitive rates available for those with just 5% or 10% deposits mean they are able… Taylor Scott International

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