Landlords in UK want their tenants to be happy, new research suggests

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With more people renting a home in the UK new research has found that there is increasing competition for landlords to attract the best tenants. The survey from Endsleigh found that 90% landlords surveyed have gone out of their way to make their tenants welcome and 41% say they would unreservedly go the extra mile to keep their tenants happy. The research also found that 50% of landlords are very happy with their current tenants. The positivity is reflected by tenants as 83% of those surveyed said they were happy with their current landlord. Landlords are trying their best to keep tenants happy, with 28% of landlords saying they would absorb the cost of rental increases to keep reliable tenants in their property for a longer period and 40% saying they would redecorate at their tenants’ request. After a realistic rental price for the area, landlords believe that the most important thing to their tenants is a professional clean prior to moving in while for tenants think it is reliable Wi-Fi installed before moving-in. When it comes to the Government, landlords and tenants clearly feel hard done by. Almost half of landlords, 47%, believe that the Government is not doing enough to protect landlords, saying that the Government favours tenants, with 17% feeling that current rental contracts do not adequately protect them. However, some 78% of tenants do not feel that the Government are doing enough to protect them either from landlords who may put them at unnecessary risk, particularly at occurrences of unexpected costs or legal proceedings. Poor tenants and damages’ ranked as the biggest current concern to landlords with 20% saying so, followed by 19% citing having their property vacant for too long and 15% the rising cost of maintenance. Despite all this, some 67% of landlords surveyed agree that the benefits of being a landlord outweigh the time and hassle involved in processes, with 12% of landlords surveyed using rent as a main source of income and 36% using this as a way of planning for their future after retirement. ‘Despite their ongoing differences about who is treated more fairly, tenants are showing more authority than they previously did and expecting more too. It’s obvious that landlords are doing what they can to create the best accommodation possible,’ said David Hadden, head of property at Endsleigh Insurance. He pointed out that’s most important is open communication, a clear understanding of who holds which responsibilities and a level of appreciation between each party so everyone can get along. Taylor Scott International

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