Home owners and tenants urged to protect their property from winter weather

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The Association of British Insurers is reminding home owners to act now to avoid the misery of frozen and burst pipes this winter. An average claim for burst pipe damage is between £6,500 to £7,500, but ABI points out that the risk of expensive, disruptive and distressing damage can easily be reduced by taking a few simple steps now, before the cold weather sets in. It recommends keeping heating on at regular intervals and make sure to set it on a timer if you’re going away and making sure that water pipes and water tanks in the loft are insulated with good quality lagging. Owners and tenants should know where the stopcock that turns of the incoming water supply is, and make sure that it works and also make sure that any dripping taps are repaired quickly to help prevent water from freezing. If pipes freeze householders should turn the water off at the main stopcock straight away and then wait for it to warm up or try and thaw the pipes with a hot water bottle. If a pipe has burst they should switch off the central heating and any other water heating installations and open all taps to drain the system. People should contact their insurance company helpline for help and advice, including arranging for professional repairs to be carried out. ‘Every winter, damage caused by burst pipes is widespread and expensive. Prevention is better than cure and a few simple steps can reduce the risk of facing the trauma of frozen or burst pipes during the winter,’ said Aidan Kerr, ABI’s head of property. ‘Home insurance will pay for the often costly damage caused by burst pipes, but it cannot compensate for the misery and inconvenience that they bring,’ added Kerr. Taylor Scott International

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