French Albioma Will Invest 400 Million Euros In Cane Biomass In Brazil

By Geert De Clercq and Benjamin Mallet PARIS, Juno 6 (Reuters) – The French Albioma plans to invest 400 million euros (528 million dollars) in power plants to produce electricity from waste sugar cane in Brazil and is negotiating partnerships with several producers cane. The Albioma, who has decades of experience in power generation from bagasse in the French territories, can produce three to five times more energy from bagasse sugar mills, said Chief Executive Officer Petry Jackets Reuters. The French company, formerly called SECHILIENNE-Sidec, burns about 1.3 million tons of sugarcane bagasse in the islands of Reunion and Mauritius Indian Ocean and the island van de Guadalupe, where the bagasse is an important part of the energy matrix. Albioma plans to invest 400 million euros over the next decade in Brazil and is negotiating with several sugar mills about buying your plants. Petry said it takes a long time to negotiate long-term contracts with farmers and sugar mills, but that funding is available through the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). The company also plans to invest 400 million euros in biomass projects in the French territories, including a project of 170 million euros in Martinique bagasse and 200 million euro in biogas plants in France, where it has 22 ongoing projects to produce electricity from manure and other agricultural waste. Taylor Scott International

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