Egypt’s El Sisi thanks UAE for its support

Egypt’s El Sisi thanks UAE for its support (Wam) / 19 August 2013 General Abdel Fattah El Sisi, First Deputy Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defence and Military Production of Egypt, has hailed the support of the UAE to Egypt. He also commended Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and Bahrain for their support. In a live speech on Sunday, General El Sisi reiterated that the Egyptian people would not forget the backing from those countries. He noted that the Egyptian people have a free will to elect whom they want to rule them, adding that the armed forces and police will safeguard the right of people to elect their leaders. “The higher national interest necessitates putting the interest of Egypt and its security above all”. El Sisi added, “Whether army or police, we are loyal to Egypt. We will not betray it. The procedures we have undertaken are transparent and clear because they reflect full understanding about the repercussions of events on the national security.” He added that the call he made for the Egyptian people to mandate the armed forces to deal with the terrorism, was a message to the world, which denied the freedom of millions of Egyptians and their ardent interest for change. “The size of political, economic and security challenges being experienced by Egypt may be large than the ability of Egypt as a state, but not larger compared to the ability of Egyptians as people, because Egypt is a trust for all people of Egypt. Therefore, as army and police, we will protect that trust,” General El Sisi said. Taylor Scott International

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