EcoPlanet Bamboo Chosen as Exclusive Plantation Partner, Solidifying Brazil’s Commitment to a BioBased Economy

GRONINGEN, The Netherlands–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 31, 2013– The transition towards a sustainable biobased economy requires the utilization of renewable resources, maintaining a balance between extraction and replacement. It requires a systematic approach to ensure that social and environmental impacts are enhanced rather than compromised for economic growth. With a rapidly growing economy, vast natural resources and a well developed industrial sector, Brazil is perfectly situated to lead this transition. Programa Biosfera represents a bilateral collaboration between Brazil and the Netherlands, and focuses on the industrialization of bamboo as a material that can assist Brazil in the shift towards such a biobased economy. Today, Theo Groothuizen, Innovation Attaché of the Netherlands Consulate General in São Paulo and Eduardo Giacomazzi of FIESP, the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo, were pleased to announce EcoPlanet Bamboo Group as the exclusive plantation partner for Brazil’s biobased bamboo industrialization PPP. “EcoPlanet Bamboo has proven what Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff stated at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio last year – that maintaining economic growth while protecting the environment through sustainable development is possible,” says Daniel Lipschits, Director of Programa Biosfera. EcoPlanet Bamboo, the most advanced bamboo plantation company globally, has a proven track record that when produced sustainably, bamboo can replace current forms of unsustainable timber and biomass material for a range of industrial applications. “President Roussff has made clear that sustainability is one of the main pillars of Brazil’s conception of development,” says Troy Wiseman, CEO & Co-founder of EcoPlanet Bamboo Group, “and it is with great honor that we have been chosen to help make that dream a reality.” CONTACT: Programa Biosfera Daniel Lipschits +31 (0)65190 1677 / +55 11949 14410 or EcoPlanet Bamboo Kristena Blume SOURCE: EcoPlanet Bamboo Copyright Business Wire 2013 Taylor Scott International

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