Dubai’s transport network continues to expand

One of the things that makes Dubai so attractive to real estate investors is the city’s excellent public transport links.The emirate has expanded at an incredible rate and new areas on the outskirts of the city centre are popping up all the time.With this in mind, it is vital that all parts of Dubai are well connected to the main business parks, as there is nothing more off putting to property buyers than finding out that a villa or apartment they have had their eye on is not on the main bus or Metro route.This can make it a nightmare for residents to get to work and the Dubai government is only too aware of this.As a result, the authorities are always monitoring how public transport services can be extended and improved in order to encourage more people to relocate to this part of the Gulf.With the population rising all the time, ensuring that the city’s transport infrastructure is up to scratch is no easy task.

The Public Transport Agency and Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) recently launched five new bus routes, while four others have been revised.Routes 84, 366, F12, 21 and E307A have all been introduced and they will provide useful access to popular/busy parts of the city, including the Mall of the Emirates and the Silicon Oasis. Some of the routes will also act as feeder services to the Dubai Metro.”The Public Transport Agency is always keen on broadening the reach of [the] bus network within the emirate of Dubai as well as the inter-city bus network, and frequently conducts studies and field surveys to identify the mobility needs of mass transit users in Dubai in order to meet them at the earliest time possible,” commented Eisa Al Hashemi, acting director of planning and business development at the RTA Public Transport Agency.Members of the RTA also confirmed earlier this year that new Metro lines will be added in the near future.

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