Detached new build homes outsell flats for first time in a decade

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Flats are becoming less popular in England and Wales with the latest data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) showing new build detached homes outselling apartments. Detached properties were the most commonly sold type of newly built home in the 12 months to September 2015 representing 32% of all new property sales, the first time flats have sold less in a decade. In the 12 months ending December 1995 sales of detached housing dominated the new build market with 44% of all sales for new properties. By 2000, the share of sales for new detached housing peaked at 52% but declined until 2008. Since then the share of sales for new detached property has been increasing steadily. The share of sales for new semi-detached properties has also been rising since 2008, albeit at a slower rate than the share of new detached properties. The percentage of new terraced housing exceeded that of semi-detached in 2001 and remained higher until 2014. For newly built flats, the share rose rapidly between 2000 and 2008, during which time many urban areas were regenerated. Since then the share of newly built flats has fallen steadily. The latest ONS data release also shows that the difference in median price between the most and least expensive parts of England and Wales was nearly £3.2 million in the year ending September 2015, down from a peak of £3.5 million in year ending December 2014. For all types of property, the median price paid ranged from £38,750 in one part of Pendle, Lancashire to £3,212,500 in one area of Westminster. The most expensive area outside of London was in Elmbridge, Surrey where the median price paid for all properties was £997,475 and house price growth has diverged for the most expensive and least expensive areas since the recession. Part of the difference in price paid between the least and the most expensive areas is caused by different types of dwelling being sold in those areas. For example, detached properties in England and Wales sold for 61% more than semi-detached properties on average in the year ending September 2015. Therefore, an area with a higher proportion of detached property sales is likely to have a higher median price overall than an area which had a higher proportion of semi-detached property sales. In the year ending September 2015 there were 581 middle layer super output areas (MSOAs) in which the median house price was in the lowest 10% of property prices in England and Wales overall. Generally, towns and cities in the north of England, the Midlands and also in south Wales contained most of these 581 MSOAs. There were 27 MSOAs in which the median price paid for all properties was more than £1 million in year ending September 2015. All these areas are in London and are predominantly in the central and western boroughs. The most expensive area outside of London was in Elmbridge, Surrey where the median price paid for… Taylor Scott International

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