Cost of getting on the rental property ladder in UK set to soar, research suggests

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With many private rental sector landlords in the UK requiring a deposit of four weeks’ rent getting on the rental ladder could present similar challenges in terms of cost as buying a home, new research suggests. It says that the cost of the average rental deposit is estimated to grow by 40% by 2026 to £1,111, more than the growth of the average monthly rent which is estimated to increase by 28% over the same period. This will mean that the average monthly rental deposit will be 70% of the average monthly salary, however there will be considerable regional variations, according to the research carried out on behalf of financial comparison website by the Cebr (Centre for Economics and Business Research). In London for example, the average rental deposit is predicted to rise to £2,733 by 2026, amounting to 120% of the average monthly salary, up from 99% in 2015. Deposits are predicted to rise sharply across the whole of the South of England. In the South East the average deposit is estimated to hit £1,469 in 2026, representing 83% of the average monthly salary at £1,761, up from 72% in 2015. In the South West the average deposit is estimated to represent 80% of median monthly earnings at £1,437 by 2026, up 14% from 66% of the average salary in the region in 2015. The research also suggests that based on recent trends, by 2026 an estimated 68% of all deposits requested will be at least six weeks’ rent. This means landlords will be demanding a lot more money from tenants before they sign a tenancy agreement. Average monthly rent is due to increase by 28% by 2026, some 8% higher than the increase in average salaries over the same period which are set to grow by 20% by 2026. The largest increase in rents between 2015 and 2026 is estimated to occur in London with close to 39% growth. Other regions with high estimated growth are the South West and South East where rents are predicted to grow by 32% and 34% respectively over the same period. The lowest increase in average rent is estimated to be in Yorkshire and the Humber with a 17% price rise between 2015 and 2026 and overall monthly salary growth is not expected to keep pace with the rental market Between 2015 and 2026, the average monthly salary is predicted to rise by an average of 20% or £267 to £1,576. This increase is lower than the estimated increase in both monthly rental costs and rental deposits which could mean many individuals will find the cost of renting just as unaffordable as buying. This is despite the fact the financial outlay required to rent is significantly lower than getting on the property ladder. ‘The rapid rise in deposits as well as rents is a double blow for everyone on the rental ladder. With the forthcoming changes to tax legislation and crackdown on… Taylor Scott International

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