Comments on nuclear facilities guide invited

Comments on nuclear facilities guide invited (Wam) / 21 May 2013 The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR), the country’s independent nuclear regulatory body, has invited the public to review and comment on its draft Regulatory Guide on the Certification of Reactor Operators and Senior Reactor Operators at Nuclear Facilities. This guide provides guidance for FANR’s licensees on how to implement the requirements in Regulation 17 for the Certification of Operating Personnel at Nuclear Facilities, a FANR Press release said on Monday. The FANR has already issued a set of regulations and regulatory guides to help licensees fulfil their obligations.  The draft guide is available on the FANR website, . Members of the public can send their comments to during the next 30 days. FANR’s Safety, Security and Safeguards Glossary can help interested readers to understand the specific terminology used in the regulatory guide. As with previous regulations and regulatory guides, this draft guide has already been made available for 30 days to local and federal government entities for their comments. The FANR recognises the importance of the public’s comments and maintains the highest standards of transparency in accordance with Article 9 of the Federal Law by Decree No 6 of 2009.    Taylor Scott International

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