Beggar with Dh22,000 one of 72 arrested

Beggar with Dh22,000 one of 72 arrested Staff Reporter / 4 August 2013 As many as 72 people of different nationalities have been arrested by the Abu Dhabi Metropolitan Police Directorate for begging, with several found with thousands of dirhams. One of the arrested beggars was found with Dh22,000 on him while another had Dh14,000, the directorate said, noting the pair were both Arab nationals who had gained the large amount in a short period of time. Of the 72 arrested, of whom 64 were males and eight were females, 33 were residing in the country illegally or in violation of the residency law. Their ages ranged between 21 and 71. The clampdown and arrests was due to the efforts of the anti-begging teams during the holy month of Ramadan with the cooperation of members of the public. The Directorate said there would be no tolerance with people found begging. “Begging is absolutely unacceptable and we will strictly confront it by tracking down and arresting the (perpetrators),” said Abu Dhabi Metropolitan Police Director Brigadier Maktoum Al Sharifi. The anti-begging squads aim to raise awareness amongst the members of the society and urge them not to take pity on such people, who use different approaches and methods to gain sympathy and money. “Begging is an open door for committing crime due,” he said, referring to thefts often committed by beggars who gained entry or were invited into others’ houses. He urged Emiratis and expatriates not to allow beggars to enter their accommodation, and not to pity them. Brigadier Al Sharifi said the public were aware of the reality of beggars as a result of the awareness campaigns by police. He urged the public not to hesitate in reporting beggars by calling the Operations Room (999) or any police station during Ramadan and on normal days, round the clock. Meanwhile, Sharjah Police arrested 191 illegals including 56 Arab beggars as part of its campaign targeting those who practice illegal jobs, mobile vendors and infiltrators. The police arrested mobile vendors who walk around in the streets, squares and public areas selling fake products and expired food items. Some of the illegals arrested were gathering and collecting cans and cardboards. Taylor Scott International

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