Asia Forestry Launches New Brand ‘Dar al Oud’ At ‘Beautyworld Middle East 2013’

United Arab Emirates PRESS RELEASE Asia Forestry Distillery (AFD), a leading premium Oud oil producer producing high-grade oud oil and a member of The Treedom Group of Companies, has announced its participation at this year’s ‘Beautyworld Middle East,’ the largest international trade fair for beauty products, hair, fragrances and wellbeing in the Middle East, which is being held from May 28 till May 30, 2013 in Dubai, after its successful presence at this show in the last four consecutive years. During the event, Asia Forestry is set to launch ‘Dar al Oud,’ the company’s prestigious premium brand of products that have been made from 100 per cent oud oil. Dr. Andrew Steel, the Treedom Group’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), will be present at the launch. AFD is in its eighth successful year in the Agarwood business with extensive experience, growing Agarwood and distilling oud oil, it has over forty plantations operating under controlled conditions and experienced management. The company has been accumulating knowledge of Agarwood and processing it to extract the high value oud oil that we are trading globally in the wholesale market. After several years of success in wholesale oud oil business, the group’s strategy is to achieve higher sales revenues by penetrating the retail market under the ‘Dar al Oud’ brand. “Historically, the unique scent of oud oil has been much sought after throughout the world with a continually growing market demand,” said Dr. Andrew Steel, CEO, the Treedom Group. “The high demand for oud related products has brought us to the point of manufacturing a range of products to service the market, hence we are now launching our ‘Dar al Oud’ brand—an endearing range of high value merchandise that has been created using 100 per cent pure extracts from our valuable Agarwood as the main ingredient. These products come from our sustainably managed plantations in Thailand’s Trat Province and distilled according to our strict quality standards, resulting in ‘Dar al Oud’s’ signature sweet and woody scent, appealing to the customers.” ‘Dar al Oud’ is Arabic for ‘House of Oud.’ Products under this new line include pure oud oil, body care (shower gel, body lotion and body butter), wood chips, Agarwood beads, Agarwood incense sticks, Agarwood sculptures and many others in research and development process. All products are made from pure oud oil that has been extracted from over 40 well-managed plantations located near the Thailand – Cambodian border. Our plantations have been cited for its perfect growing condition for high quality Agarwood. In addition, with 120 operational distillation units, we can ensure creation of the highest-grade Oud oils. We are one of the largest and the most well-known producers in Thailand that prides ourselves on controlling the complete value chain from seedling through to high grade end products. Dar al Oud proudly presents The ‘Dar al Oud’ body care range allowing users to have soft and smooth skin with the accompanying sweet oud fragrance. Agarwood incense sticks and chips give off a woody scent that sets the tone for relaxation and calm. Agarwood beads are made of Agarwood and carefully sculpted into perfect rounded beads. These beads are generally used for prayer, in the form of a necklace (or rosary) and bracelet. Lastly, Agarwood sculptures can be used to decorate your home or office, showing social status as well as improving the Feng Shui of the room. “The launch of these new products demonstrates our commitment towards supplying our target markets with only the highest class of oud oil. We are looking to create a strong market presence in the Middle East, after a successful online marketing campaign and the opening of a retail store in Bangkok. Taking part in ‘Beautyworld Middle East’ for the fourth year will not only allow us to promote the diverse range of ‘Dar al Oud’ products but also gives us the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with potential clients, partners and distributors. Also, we hope to receive positive feedback and acceptance from clientele in the region,” concluded Dr. Steel. Dr. Andrew Steel, CEO, the Treedom Group. Taylor Scott International

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