Almost half of UK estate agents think Brexit is having a negative impact

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Some 42% of estate agents in the UK believe that the decision to leave the European Union has already had a negative impact on their business, new research has found. One agency even found that following the vote on 23 June some 10% of its sales fell through and valuations were reduced by 40%, according to a survey by software supplier Dezrez. A third of those surveyed predict that there will be between 5% and 20% less properties being put on the market and suggested that home owners may see the value of their house drop by 5 to 15%. But less than believe that property values will fall considerably. The research also found that 52% of estate agents expect vendors or buyers to pull out of sales, or for vendors to take their houses off the market but 53% had seen no affect to date. Indeed, some 37% believe leaving the EU won’t have a long term impact on their business, the remainder are either unsure or anticipate a change in the market and their business model. Few have actually prepared for any kind of Brexit impact. The poll showed that 54% believe it is too early to either have a strategy or indeed need one, while 16% said they have a strategy and 13% are working on one. ‘As the economic landscape continues to shift following the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has warned prospective buyers to proceed carefully if planning to borrow money,’ said the firm’s chief executive officer Justin Morris. ‘This warning, and the ongoing analysis from property professionals, is unsurprising. However, until the market settles, we won’t know the exact extent the effect Brexit will have on the residential property market. What is clear is that in the short term uncertainty will lead to a dip in market confidence,’ he explained. He added that while opportunist buyers may jump at the chance to renegotiate on price, more prudent buyers will be looking at the affects the turbulent economy is having on their finances, making sure that they will still be able to afford their mortgage. He pointed out that many of the estate agents believe that there are still more buyers than sellers. So, whilst a base reduction in housing stock and value is likely, the market could very well even itself out and remain steady. ‘The role of the estate agent will be increasingly important to vendors and buyers a like. Negotiations may become trickier and sales progression more complex, consumers will rely heavily on traditional estate agents for their experience and advice. There is no doubt that there are challenges and opportunities ahead,’ he concluded. Taylor Scott International

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